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Shuswap Lake Aero Modelers


Remember the key on the tractor must be in the proper position in order to back up.

Remember if the fuel containers need a fill just go to Village Grocer on Balmoral in Blind Bay.  Fill up with the Boat Gas if possible(premium at regular prices for off-road)

Email the bill or hand deliver to the treasurer.  You can be paid by cheque or by e-transfer.

If you have a conflict please trade with someone.



I have received back the names and rough date info from members so have set up this schedule.  The date shown is the Friday of the week and we usually try to mow on the Fridays.  Weather being an exception!  You can mow before if this works better for your personal schedule.  I believe I have taken your comments for the dates into account and have laid this schedule out to fit that info.  Any issues please contact me and I will revise it.  The schedule is dated and will have a revision date shown as well.


John Fisher

Date of schedule   -May 1

Revised date         -

May 3  .....  John Fisher

May 10  .....   Larry Trask

May 17  .....  Rick Kilback

May 24   .....  Robert Reading

May 31 .....    Spike Kavalench

June 7  .....    Bruce McLellan

June 14  .....    Jason Wiebe

June 21 .....   John Fisher

June 28  .....  Larry Trask

July 5   .....     Bruce McLellan

July 12    .....  Rick Kilback          

July 19    .....  Robert Reading          

July 26  .....    Dick Parkes

Aug 2    .....    Spike Kavalench

Aug 9     .....   Jason Wiebe

Aug 16   .....   John Fisher

Aug 23   .....   Larry Trask

Aug 30    .....  Bruce McLellan

Sept 6    .....   Rick Kilback

Sept 13  .....   Robert Reading

Sept 20    ..... Spike Kavalench

Sept 27   .....  Dick Parkes

Oct 4     .....    Jason Wiebe

Oct 11  .....     John Fisher

Let's hope the weather allows us to extend this schedule for more fall flying!



Check calendar below
Coffee Schedule

Summer Coffee at the field Wednesdays 10AM - bring your own and goodies
Otherwise Please check Calendar Below

I understand the coffee is on at Williams Lake :>)